Monuments for the heroes of the pandemic

The 2021 Zeitgeiss sculpture series

Truly good 3D design objects with a story

A Zeitgeiss is the zeitgeist of an era materialized in a goat sculpture.

In the year 2021 we are battling against the corona virus and that’s why the artist Lorenz Wiedemann designed a special edition of his Premium Goats sculptures: The Virus Fighting Goats.


A Virus Fighting Goat is Metaphor. A creature armed with the weapons of science and medicine, standing over the slayed viruses.  This stands for the fight of modern Civilization against the virus.

But a virus fighting goat is also an acronym.

Because a virus Fighting Goat is a monument for the GOATS. The Greatest Of All Time, who fought and still fight against the virus.

This means the nurses, the doctors, the people working in test centres and hospitals.

The ones who are at the frontline of this fight against the pandemic. But also the ones who keep the rest of the system running like farmers, delivery drivers, super market employees, public transportation workers etc.

These heroes of our time deserve a monument to be remembered by and the Premium Goats 2021 – Zeitgeiss series is a humble proposal for that.


We are looking for an investor to help us realize the construction of a giant Virus Fighting Goat to be placed somewhere in the world.


Besides this we offer our sculptures as 3D prints or as motives on merchandise to raise money for the fight against Covid-19 in India.

Swab Goat

This goat is hunting for viruses. This goat is looking for trouble. The swab stick originates from a resin 3D printer in Portugal. The artist Lorenz Wiedemann was active here for several months during the pandemic in 2020. The sculpture is dedicated to the Portuguese entrepreneur and founder of the Buinho Creativehub, Carlos Alcobia for his selfless commitment during the pandemic.

material base: fine concrete | material sculpture: PLA (55% recycled plastic)

(New Apple devices only)
Please share creations under the official hashtag #2021zeitgeiss

Vaxx Goat

She shoots down the viruses with her Vaxx Gun. 99.99% of the other viruses see this and never come back. Like the swab goat, the Vaxx Goat embodies society’s fight against the virus with the weapons of science and pharmacy. The design in collaboration with the doctor Marc Göttinger. The needles and the liquid in the tank are customizable. Choose out of different options or use your own needles and inject your own coloured liquid!

material base: fine concrete | material sculpture: PLA (55% recycled plastic)

View in Augemented Reality (Apple Devices only)

(New Apple devices only)
Please share creations under the official hashtag #2021zeitgeiss

Reward a hero and get 50% discount!

You know a real Virus Fighter and Covid Hero and you want to buy a sculpture for him? Just tell us and you only pay 150€ for the Swab Goat and 200€ for the Vaxx Goat!

Sculptures with a purpose

Official Sponsor of Caritas International

We donate one third of the price of every sculpture and and one quarter of every merchandise product to Caritas International to support their fight against Covid-19 in India.


India is currently particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic, the health system has collapsed in many parts of the country. Caritas Germany is increasing medical assistance – the focus is on care and emergency care for Covid-19 patients. In addition, Caritas aid was extended to Nepal.

Natural born in Portugal

The Story behind the Virus Fighting Goats

In 2020 the Munich (Germany) based artist Lorenz Wiedemann visited Portugal with two friends.  They stayed in a little village in the southern region of Alentejo. 

Initially they only wanted to stay for one week. But then the lockdown came and they had to stay for 3 months. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a shortage of professional face-shields that could protect personnel in hospitals and retirement homes against droplet infection.  Helping a local entrepreneur and friend in this mission, the artist and his friends started producing the face shields by 3D printers and laser cutters. 

Many Faces of Virus fighting

The Production of Face shields

It was a difficult task, but after 4 months they had delivered over 7 thousand face shields to hospitals and retirement homes.


All of this was done through voluntary work and donations that was received in the form of money and materials needed. Different individuals and companies stepped in and made a difference. It was a special time full of selflessness and solidarity.

More than art

The Premium Goats 2021 ZEITGEISS Sculpture-Series

Next to a crowdfunding campaign, different videos were produced to document the whole story.

The artist also designed and dedicated the first Virus Fighting Goat – The Swab Goat to the Portuguese entrepreneur Carlos A. who was a key figure behind the whole face shield project. For conserving this good story the artist decided to embed it into the scultpure.

All the content that was created during this time is accessible through a QR Code embedded in the concrete base of each Virus Fighting Goat.
This way this meaningful story escapes the fugitiveness of modern social media feeds.

A ZEITGEISS is more than a decorative sculpture because it enables you to tell the purposeful story behind it.

By purchasing a 2021 ZEITGEISS – a Virus Fighting Goat –   you become part of this great story, a story that is not over yet.

We donate one third of the price of every sculpture and and one quarter of every merchandise product to Caritas International to support their fight against Covid-19 in India.

The second third is directly reinvested in the promotion of the Zeitgeiss project.

For purchasing a 2021 ZEITGEISS please email to

Call for artists

Become part of the #2021ZEITGEISS project

If you are a CG Artist, we would love to collaborate with you. For the promotion of the 2021 ZEITGEISS project we will need good content till the end of the year. Furthermore we are constantly looking for long term partners. Use our official hashtag or contact us directly. All 3D models of our Virus Fighting Goats are available under creative commons licence and free to use. Visualize or animate them your way. Or feel free to blow them away, fracture or atomize them. You can also simply come up with your own monument design for the heroes of our time.

Make sure to use #2021ZEITGEISS
For further questions please email to

About the artist
Lorenz Wiedemann

Just a guy doing his good goat thing

Before he discovered the universe of 3D animation and digital art, Lorenz studied in the city of Regensburg to become a secondary school teacher. His subjects focused on languages that included German, French and Japanese. These insights from different language and cultural systems, based on the human capacity of symbolic expression had a lasting effect on his work.

After more than a decade in the VFX and Motion Design industry he is busy developing his own company in the heart of Munich called: CGI & GOATS.

As an artist his work was mainly influenced by the art collective he has been part of for more than 20 years: The GOAT (goat solutions since 1999) art collective. Simply said: An extraordinary group of people creating goats. All his experience as an artist, 3D designer and entrepreneur is culminating in the revolutionary art investment product PREMIUM GOATS.

A growing collection of unique goat sculptures connecting people. The Zeitgeiss 2021 sculpture series has to be considered a special edition of this bigger goat art project. 

You can purchase the extraordinary bag of the Cat Feeding Goat
(the official premium merchandise product of the #2021zeitgeiss project) for 30 €. Just email me:

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